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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Edison Chen Testifies In Court

Asian pop star Edison Chen, who fled Hong Kong in disgrace last year after nude photos of himself with several female celebrities were posted on the Internet, testify in an unusual court hearing started Monday in Vancouver. Chen's trouble began after he took his broken laptop in for repairs in Hong Kong. Shortly afterwards, explicit photos of him with different women, some identifiable as famous actresses, singers and models, began appearing online. After months of silence, Chen, a singer and actor who grew up in Vancouver, Canada and is one of Asia's most recognized celebrities, was to testify before a Hong Kong judge and lawyers over five days. The testimony had been expected to last five days, but both the prosecution and defense completed their questions Monday. Chen return Tuesday to read and sign the court transcript.

A Canadian judge and Hong Kong's chief magistrate will be co-commissioners at the hearing as Hong Kong police question Chen. Chen was ordered by the judge to answer a question raised by the defendant's lawyer to identify the four women in the string of sex photos. The four names are: Cecilia Pak-Chi Cheung, Gillian Yan-Tung Chung, Bo Bo Man-Wun Chan and Rachel Sze-Wing Ngan. His private sex pictures with several Hong Kong starlets set off an Internet firestorm but now he says he hopes the women involved will soon put this behind them. Edison Chen made the comment as he emerged from a British Columbia Supreme Court.

The hearing is taking place in Vancouver because Edison Chen, 28, fearing for his safety refused to return to Hong Kong to give evidence at the trial of computer technician Sze Ho-Chun, who is facing charges of distributing via the Internet pictures of the actor having sex with female celebrities. On the second day of the hearing, Chen added that 40 photos were all taken by ONE woman who had an affair with him in 2003. Guess who? The married one with the cuckold husband who had to get his baby DNA tested!

The Chinese film star was surrounded by security as he leaves British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver, B.C., on Monday, February 23, 2009. Chen says he was shocked when private photos of him appeared on the Internet, causing a sex scandal "This is part of the judicial proceedings. Since the proceedings are in progress, no further details can be disclosed," an official with the Hong Kong police said in an email to the Toronto Star. While Chen admitted that most of the 328 photos submitted in court today were taken by him, he claimed 40 of them were taken by the women in the photos. Chen's international fame skyrocketed after the photos appeared and Google said last December his name was the most searched term in Asia in 2008. Edison Chen's name was searched for more in the Chinese speaking world last year than the Beijing Olympics, the devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan province and the tainted milk scandal. Chen told a crush of Chinese media outside the Vancouver court that he hopes every victim will recover and that their well-being is more important than his.

Nam Gyu Ri Nip Slip

SeeYa's Nam Gyu Ri experienced an accident which left her breast exposed while performing.

"The 2nd BIG4 Concert" was held at the COEX hall in Samseongdong, Seoul. It was during the group's performance of "Crazy Love" when her clothes slipped which exposed her breast.

According to witnesses, because of Nam's powerful dance, the right strap of her dress got detached, resulting to an exposure accident.

After the accident, Nam Gyu Ri panicked for a short time then immediately seized the strap and continued on her singing, showing her professionalism.
Nam Gyu-Ri (Hangul: 남규리 Born April 26, 1985) is the leader of the Korean female trio, SeeYa.

In a performance at the CoEx Mall in Seoul on December 23, 2006, Nam Gyu-Ri's right breast was exposed due to a costume failure. According to reports, one of her straps snapped after she performed a vigorous dance move. Despite the accident, Nam Gyu-Ri simply picked up her strap and continued performing.

Less than 24 hours after her boob exposure, Nam Gyu-Ri became the hottest debated topic in all of Asia. TV news shows led with reports about is Nam Gyu-Ri and her breast exposure.

The controversy was worsened when video clips and pictures of the incident spread dramatically throughout the internet. Singer Wheesung, vehemently defended her and expressed anger at the tabloids for mass reporting on the incident. Some netizens viewed this incident as a publicity stunt. During the encore performance, she shed tears but continued to perform nevertheless. She wept backstage after the concert as other artists tried to console her.

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Malaysian Actress Zarina Ann Julie

ZarinaAn-Julie, 21, as anyone who’s fond of Malaysian soap knows, is the lead of the drama Anak Pontianak. She has already apologized to her fans for these sex pictures, insisting that those were taken when she wasn’t yet a celebrity, and that (in words that echo those of Gillian Chung’s) she was just being naive, like any silly teenage girl but that is after she lied by saying the photos were superimposed. The hot and scandalous Zarina An-Julie sex pictures were taken for private use but it seems that her boyfriend wanted to share the photos with his friends and they share it with the world. Below are some pictures that have been circulating on the Internet of a hot Malaysian TV3 actress being a slut for her man's camera. Zarina An-Julie, a.k.a. Anju plays Mia on Anak Pontianak and she has many nude pics circulating on the internet. Below she is naked and having friend with her boyfriend and showing off her 21 year old boobs. Please send me more naked pictures of this girl at xrateduncencored@yahoo.com, I want to post them all.

Zarina Ann Julie of the Anak Pontianak movie fame is embroiled in a sex scandal in Malaysia. The alleged photos of her in uncompromising position with her boy friend has recently been circulated on the internet. Zarina Ann Julie vehemently denies that the pictures are hers or her boyfriend. She claims that the photos are 'doctored' or 'superimposed'.

Okay, we understand her. Heck, we have these topless pictures, with lots of tongue action, so what more can we ask for? You have seen the naked pictures of Zarina An-Julie which have been circulating on the Internet in recent months. There were two e-mails, one set consists of pictures of her and her friends in clubs.

Second, is a set of obscene pictures in which Zarina An Julie claimed as super-imposed. But we, forummers at http://www.cari.com.my have spent a lot of time discussing and from the information they gathered, it is safe for us to say the pictures weren't at all--super-imposed--as she claimed.

People are very sure it is the original pictures of her, capturing her breasts using digital camera with an anonymous guy.

She said the pictures were super-imposed by people who are jealous of her career, but there were many pictures altogether but these pictures however show to us that Zarina An-Julie has a mole at her left arm, and they do not contradict with the previous pictures, the set that shows her clubbing with her friends.

Furthermore, it is not logical that the second set were superimposed as the pixels were flawless--too perfect--the head and the body part were of the same hue, tone, brightness and contrast that it only makes perfect sense the pictures are real.

And if they were superimposed, it is impossible to match different head angle with body part images flawlessly. It is not possible that some other people have pictures of her head that happen to fit just so nicely and perfectly with the bare body parts.

She says that people nowadays are more intelligent, and could judge her more rationally.

She admits that there is no perfect person in the world. She asked for forgiveness to all her fans for what had happened.

She never imagined that it would happen. She also admits that the pictures of her in the night club was her.

As she remembered, that picture was taken when she was 18, far from being an celebrity.

Zarina An-Julie knows who spread her pictures. However, she still doesn’t know the motives of that person to do so.

Zarina An-Julie, a Iranian & Malay mix with some Scottish says that, she is confused why now that the pictures become an issue?

On the same time, she also were accused to have a breast enhancement surgery. Which she doesn’t.

However, the damage has been done, she has to explain it all to her parents so that they wouldn’t be confused or misunderstood.


Zarina An-Julie bte Mohd Fahizul, 21 years old from Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia, is a Malaysian soap actress and is the lead in the TV drama Anak Pontianak on TV3 followed by “Anak Pontianak the Movie”. She plays the main character, Mia. Zarina is of Iranian-Malaysian parentage. She was only four when she was cast in the film, Selubung, and then later in Mimpi Moon, two films directed by Shuhaimi Baba under her Pesona Pictures production company. ANAK PONTIANAK is the first lead role by Zarina An-Julie and is very popular new starlet. Because of her mysterious dark look more than her close ties with Shumi that got her the main role part for this series. Anak Pontianak is a spin off of PONTIANAK HARUM SUNDAL MALAM popularized by MAYA KARIN.

HK girl

Kids nowadays, being a so loyal edison's fan did learn some from him. Just look at this young girl rumored from Hong Kong showing her young tits.
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